Local Love: Mountain Fresh

logoTis the season for hot chocolates & buttermilk pancakes! This week we take a look at family owned Mountain Fresh Creamery in Clermont, GA.

There is so much to love about Mountain Fresh – from the way they treat their cows to their commitment to great tasting, non “messed with” milk.

Scott & Jennifer Glover are “passionate about their cows, their comfort, & their quality of life. In return, they produce quality, award winning milk”.

How does this translate to how milk is produced?

– Milk only travels 7 miles from the farm to the processing plant and is fresh to you the next day!

– There are no added hormones. Mountain Fresh never uses RBST or any other growth hormones.


-  Farmers only use antibiotics in cases where the cow’s life is in danger. Then the milk from that cow is dumped until no trace of the antibiotic can be found in the milk. They test the milk from any treated cow with a test that can detect antibiotics down to 10 parts per billion. Only after the milk passes that test, do they put that milk back into the tank.

– The creamery let’s their cows graze as much as possible and then supplement with Alfalfa hay and corn silage. Nutritionist, John Beckman, PhD., samples the farm’s forages and formulates a grain mix called TMR (Total Mix Ration) that compliments the forages to make sure the cows’ diets are balanced with vitamins and minerals.

– Cows at the Creamery spend their time in a shaded pasture grazing or when the weather is either too hot or too cold, they have access to a covered free stall barn with cow mattresses, fans and sand bedding. They have access to fresh water and feed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just as they were designed to eat grass, they were not designed to live in a confined environment 24 hours a day. At the farm, cows are treated like family…because they are!

mntfreshThe Creamery chose non-homogenized milk because the fat particles are left whole and therefore are easily absorbed by the body, the way that milk was intended to be. They use a process called “Vat Pasteurization” which only heats the milk to a minimal temperature of 145 degrees, therefore preserving all the taste, flavor, and nutrients that milk has to offer.

Scott & Jennifer invite you to come out to their farm and see how our beautiful girls live. “We think you will be surprised to learn how they spend their days and what is involved in producing milk on our family farm.”

Thank you Mountain Fresh!





Local Love: Jittery Joe’s!

008 Good ‘ol Jittery Joe’s. They’re a long time love of Athens and Daily and we checked out the new roaster on Barber St. to learn about roasting and hear about all their dreams for the future. 018

Charlie gave us a tour, educated us on the roasting process and talked chicory. Chicory is a root that has been traditionally used on its own or in tea for medicinal purposes. New Orleans is known for their delicious coffee/chicory mixtures. Growing chicory and adding it to coffee has been a long time dream of the roasters – their new space has allowed this dream to grow.

021Their first crop was somewhat of an experimentation. Seeds were planted using old soil from the new site. The roots had to combat stones and other unwanted materials. But the new site is expansive! So the roasters plan to build raised beds and bring in nutrient rich soil and take it from there.  Also in the works? A train spotting nook.  Because why not?

Thanks to Charlie and all the folks at Jittery Joe’s! The roaster on 425 Barber St. is open for business. Grab a coffee and spy on the roasting process or just watch the trains pass.

Local Love – Creature Comforts

creatureIf you are reading this, chances are that you probably already know about Athens’ beloved Creature Comforts Brewing Company. Just over six months old, the brewery has made waves with their delicious beers and beautiful revitalized home on West Hancock Avenue.

You might even have heard that they’ve begun canning their beers. Horray! Stocking Stuffer? Swing by and scoop up a 6 pack today.

And a special thanks to the brewmasters for the Daily Brew created for our annual meeting. . . Annual tradition?

Read more about Creature Comforts Here.

Local Love – Phickles!

Happy Local Monday! It has begun: there’s no escaping the holiday season. Daily promises to keep it mellow – so here on the local blog we’ll be offering up some gift suggestions. Perfect for Thanksgiving or any of the unmentionable future days.

If you are like us and want to escape the holiday industrial complex PLUS support the local economy, Athens’ own Phickles, small batch pickled assortments, make fantastic gifts.

photo 4

Why do we love Phickles?

Phickles taste real homemade with love. Briney fresh deliciousness.

Besides being seriously tasty and healthy, this family owned and operated small batch pickle company sources their vegetables responsibly from certified naturally grown farms as close to home as possible…. supporting local farmers as best as they can.

Phickles offers pickled okra, green tomatoes, carrots, snap beans, jalapenos, asparagus, cucumbers, and other seasonal goodies…..seasoned with fresh, whole garlic, peppers, and dill.

Though they make great gifts, Daily carries Phickles all year round. Stop by and give them a try!

Local Love – Qbooch Kombucha! & Wildwood Ticket Givaway

Today, in honor of our Wildwood Revival ticket giveaway (scroll down for details) we’re sending some local love out to the Quintero family farm, Rancho Alegre Farms in Dacula, Ga! The farm is known to many as an agriculture hub with services and activities that include therapeutic riding for the special needs, interscholastic 143equestrian activities, Paso Fino horse breeding, organic gardening, composting and vermiculture. Daily is especially excited to now carry their Qbooch Kombucha!

With its many health benefits, Qbooch Kombucha is just another extension of the Quinero family’s desire to create good in the community. Qbooch is made from sweetened black tea that has been fermented with a combination of yeast and bacteria. It contains probiotic bacteria, similar to yogurt, which can aid digestion. It’s also high in B-vitamins, known for their energizing effects.

rancho family Stop by Daily and scoop up this local treasure, for your healthy sour fizzy fix.

Learn more about the Quintero Family as well as volunteer activities at the farm.

*This weekend! November 8th, Daily will be out and about at Wildwood Revival vending Qbooch and enjoying the tunes. Make sure to say hello!

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Local Love – Wildwood Revival Ticket Giveaway

It’s Local Monday! This one comes with a twist, some fermentation and a giveaway later this week.

Daily is excited to be a Sponsor of the Wildwood Revival  –  A festival for people that don’t like festivals!WildwoodRevival_barn3_lytlefoto

Wildwood Revival is a truly unique, one-day festival celebrating music and southern culture where guests can get off the grid. This event combines the camaraderie of a supper club, the soul of a juke joint, and the wild spirit of a honky tonk. The show will take place under an open-air, fully renovated tin roof barn; a night of amazing music in an intimate setting. In addition to live music, attendees enjoy a farm-to-table style supper with local, seasonal food and craft beer by Terrapin Beer Co. InstagramWildwood also features a bohemian flea and boutique artist market selling vintage goods.  Attendees can come without fearing greasy food and expensive bottled water. We are a “green” event with free filtered water and zero plastic waste.

Don’t miss a beat: follow us at our new Instagram home @DailyGroceriesCoop and as always follow us on Facebook and opt to “get notifications” under the “like” tab. Eyes pealed: We’ll be posting all the givaway details in a few days.

If you haven’t already, check out the lineup @  Wildwood Revival.

Local Love – Independent Baking Company

Our Monday series continues this week with some local love for Independent Baking Company! Located at 1625 S. Lumpkin St. in Five Points, IBC was founded in 2013. These locals offer quality breads, viennoiserie, and coffee!

ibcWhat sets Independent Baking Company apart from the rest? Perhaps it is tied into how the bakers view themselves:

“Something that people maybe don’t think about is the ecology in creating bread; we’re really just practicing microecologists every time we come to work, managing mini-ecosystems in each batch of dough. An idea pretty rewarding to think about.” You can truly taste the love and effort that goes into every loaf!
And of course we love IBC’s commitment to local:
“We try to work with as many local growers and companies as possible, like DaySpring Farms, who has just starting milling their grain for us, and Spring Valley EcoFarms, where we’ve hand-picked scuppernogs for our danishes. And, of course, the Daily Co-op!

breadDaily currently carries the following breads:

Baguette, French Country, 5 Points Levain, Multigrain, Whole Wheat, Walnut Raisin, Kalamata Olive & Carolina Wheat

(Deliveries are every Tuesday thru Saturday).

See an item that Daily doesn’t currently stock? We’d be happy to place you a special order!
Thanks Independent Baking Company!

Local Love – Engelsman’s Finest

Carrying Local foods and products is something that is very important to us at Daily Groceries. As a small store it is the best way we can keep our footprint small while supporting our community. Each Monday the blog we will be highlighting a different local vendor. Stop in and show these locals some love!

engelsman'sFirst up: Engelsman’s Finest Ferments! Dedicated to providing Athens residents with the finest handmade sauerkrauts, kimchee, and other lacto-fermented vegetables.

Daily now carries Englesman’s Sauerkrauts – “Thick and Crunchy” – made from organic cabbage and Bulls Bay Saltworks sea salt from just outside of Charleston, SC.

Made with love by Athens’s own Jacob Engelsman. This is Raw Sauerkraut (keep it refrigerated!)  which has distinct beneficial qualities, unlike most canned varieties found in typical grocery stores.

bottleMaking it a perfect source of nutrients for the coming winter: raw sauerkraut is an excellent source of vitamins C, B and K – in fact the fermentation process increases the bioabailability of nutrients so that raw sauerkraut is even more nutritious than it’s original cabbage! Additionally raw sauerkraut is high in calcium and magnesium as well as  an excellent source of dietary fiber, folate, iron, potassium, copper and manganese.

Raw sauerkraut is a bit of a magic condiment: it is also very good for the gut because it contains live lactobacilli and beneficial microbes and is rich in enzymes. These probiotics improve digestion and promote the growth of healthy bowel flora, strengthening the digestive tract.

Not just good for you, but seriously delicious. Three Cheers for Engelsman’s! Pick some up today and stay tuned for “Thin & Crispy” red cabbage sauerkraut which Jacob believes will be better for sandwiches, a vegan kimchee made with jalapeno and toasted sesame oil. Additionally, Jacob says he’s been working on a recipe for a special-edition sauerkraut made with heirloom Charleston Wakefield cabbage grown by Spring Valley Eco Farms and a Creature Comforts beer, Athena berliner weisse in the brine!

Thanks Jacob!

As always we want to hear from you! If there is a local item that you’d like us to carry please let us know!

Be sure to follow  and “Like” Engelsman’s Finest Ferments!


JusTea ~There’s a story behind every cup!

JusTea offers the world’s first direct trade handcrafted Kenyan black and oolong teas! justeaTheir teas are produced through small cooperatives, ethically sourced so that farmers harvest the benefits of their JusTea partnership.

JusTea’s core product is very unique in the tea world in that JusTea employees, craft tea by hand without factory machinery! This creates broad flavoured, whole leaf artisan tea.

How do they do it? JusTea cuts out the middle-men by equipping and training small-scale farmers to hand-process their own tea. teaflower Growing and cultivating tea is tedious, physically demanding work, and it is JusTea’s belief that the farmers and their families should be compensated fairly.The current system, however, puts most of the profits in the hands of the corporations, leaving an average of less than 1% of the retail value in the hands of the farmers.  By creating employment opportunities and buying direct from the hands that plucked it, JusTea is able to create lasting change, while introducing a delicious, high-quality product, new to the world market.

Daily is now proud to carrying JusTea. Enjoy some today! And Click here to learn more about the folks at JusTea.

The Amazing Soap Nuts

matthew soapnutsDaily now carries the amazing Four Nuts by Nature Soap Nuts! Compostable Laundry Detergent that actually works!!

 Fragrance Free, Hypo Allergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Sustainable & Compostable . . . Magic?

Soap nuts are so gentle that they can be used on cloth diapers. They can also be used to make a concentrated soap nut liquid for house or dishwashing liquid. And they last – one small bag goes a long way!


Also referred to as “Soap Berries”, these nuts are a natural soap product that is grown on a tree called the Sapindus Mukorossi Tree. The shells of this berry contain a natural surfactant (surface active ingredient) or cleaning agent called saponin. AND harvesting of the nut does not harm the tree in any way.

Come check them out today!