Member-Workers at Daily

by Kara Brown, GM

Since opening as a cooperative in 1992, Daily Groceries has been part of a vibrant tradition of co-ops being partly or mostly run by member-workers, who received discounts or other incentives based on their work. In the past couple of decades, co-ops across the country have experienced huge growth in member and non-member customers. As a result, many have grown their full-time paid staff to ensure fully functional operations.

In the past few years, Federal Labor Laws have tightened, leading most co-ops (including Daily) to move away from in-store member-workers, so as to avoid any potential legal liability. Check out CDS Consulting’s article going over the challenges of member labor for more info.

Despite these changes, Daily’s heart and soul is still found in member engagement. So, rather than having owner-members stock shelves and work bulk, we’re now beginning to focus on outreach opportunities and creating a strong member presence in the community!

With that goal in mind, Daily is in the early stages of developing a member-volunteer program. This program will place our members at the forefront of our community presence through their participation in pre-planned outreach events. In gratitude for this volunteer time, Daily will offer members a one-time use coupon.

Please keep your eye on this website and Daily’s newsletter for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for being a part of the Daily community!

Theo Horne