Pb&J with Rhubarb

Kara Brown, General Manager | May 19, 2019

One of my favorite harbingers of spring is rhubarb. It’s bring pink & green colors are part of the wonderful palette of spring. And it goes perfectly with all the other great seasonal offerings of fruit and berries. Though the season is short, you can freeze it for use year-round.

Two important notes: rhubarb must be cooked before eaten, and humans cannot digest the leaves.  When you purchase rhubarb, the leaves are left on to help preserve the vegetable and keep it from drying out too fast; trim off any leaves before preparing.

Though strawberry-rhubarb pie is a perennial favorite, I’ve also discovered a simple, everyday way to enjoy the combination of bitter & sweet that rhubarb offers: rhubarb peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

How To:

Take one stalk of rhubarb, and saute on high heat with sunflower oil or butter, with salt to taste.  Stir frequently. Once the rhubarb has dissolved into a paste, set aside.

Now, make your favorite pb&j combo (What type of bread do you like? Prefer jam or honey to jelly?) Before you put those two slices of bread together, put your rhubarb paste in-between and you’re done!


Theo Horne