Our Story

Daily Groceries Co-op is proud to have served the Athens, Georgia, community for the past two decades. Over the years, we’ve grown from a small general store to a thriving community resource for good food and good ideas. Owned by our customers, the Co-op attracts a diverse group of people who share an interest in healthy food and investing in their local community. Daily Groceries opened its doors in 1992 in response to the closure of Bell’s Grocery Store, a small, centrally-located store that had served the downtown area and provided options for a wide variety of consumer needs.

In 1997, Daily Groceries outgrew its original home at 197 Prince Avenue and moved to its current digs in a larger space on Prince. On January 27, 2000, Daily Groceries, Inc. officially merged with Daily Groceries Co-op and re-incorporated as a cooperative under Title 11 of the State of Vermont Statutes.*

In 2012, Daily officially adopted patronage ownership and became a cooperative in the true sense of the word. Since November of the same year, Daily has added several new jobs and has experienced sales growth of 65% in the past four years. We look forward to more exciting growth and increased community ownership and involvement in the years to come. You – our customers and our community–are building the foundation for a bright future of locally-sourced, locally produced food.

*The State of Georgia did not and does not offer incorporation as a consumer-owned co-operative. This is true for many states, so many food co-ops choose to incorporate in states other than those in which they reside.