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Ridwan bhuiyan

My name is Ridwan Bhuiyan. I've been a resident of Athens for 12 years. I graduated from Clarke Central High School and the University of Georgia. I currently work as an Environment Consultant where I focus on preserving, rehabilitating, tracking the natural environment.

To me, the Daily Co-op represents an important, community based, component of an economic and environmentally sustainable future. Which is why I choose to be a member and participate in its mission. The Daily Coop is a meeting place for local products and people that represent the Athens community. A community that I am proud to be a part of.

Why would you like to serve on the Daily Groceries Co-op Board?

I believe in the importance of microeconomic prosperity within a community, especially as it impacts the availably of healthy and nutritious foods. I find the business model that Daily exercises as intriguing and I would like to learn more so that I can help contribute to its sustainment and growth.

Describe your professional, volunteer, and community involvement experience that could benefit the Daily Groceries Co-op board in doing its work. 

My day job has presented me with the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that have challenged my approach to complex problem solving. I’ve volunteered as a site leader at several River’s Alive Clean-up events in Athens. Finally, I started a small food service business out of the Westbroad Farmers Market and Garden, which has increased in popularity every season since our start. 

Describe your experiences working collaboratively in a group setting. 

I'm an Environmental Information Management Consultant and work collaboratively (from my home office) with my internal project teams, and directly with clients. Much of my work requires me to manage people, expectations, communications, schedule, and budget. 

Describe a time when you were successful working collaboratively in a group setting and a time when you were not. 

There have been several instances in my work where communication failures resulted missed deadlines and as a result disrupted customer relations. However, many of those instances were mitigated with quick solutions and honest explanations.

The Daily Groceries Co-op Board does not deal with operational matters. It does deal with overall policies that identify and guide the mission of the organization. How will you maintain the larger vision without being distracted by day-to-day operational issues?

As I plan to ask a lot of questions and learn from those around me.

Who does the Daily Groceries Co-op serve and in what ways? Do you see that changing in the next five or ten years? If so, how?

Currently, it seems community demographics are changing at a fast pace in Athens. Daily Groceries Co-op, provides local and healthy foods to the immediate community, that can be geographically and via membership. I think that the advantage a member/community owned grocery store provides will spread and so could more locations and peoples served.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I'm looking forward to learning more. 


rara grace

An educator and environmental enthusiast, Sarah Davie is a New Jersey transplant to Athens, Georgia. Both a Jets and Dawgs fan, she enjoys finding alternatives to single use plastics, composting food waste, and learning how to grow plants. Her educational website ( follows her previous travels and educational adventures. She loves living in Athens and looks forward to being able to educate and give back to the community.

Why would you like to serve on the Daily Groceries Co-op Board?

I would like to serve on the Daily Groceries Board because I know my passion and knowledge for zero waste hacks, teacher background, and enthusiasm to spread knowledge, specifically about the environment and the importance of changing our habits to benefit the environment, will be beneficial for the Athens community.

How can you and your life experiences bring value to the Daily Groceries Co-op board?

Teaching in Newark, NJ for 6 years, as well as previous experiences being a Resident Assistant at Drew University, and volun-touring in wildlife sanctuaries and various nonprofits, will be beneficial to the Daily Co-Op. It is imperative that consumers are aware of all the choices they have when it comes to finding nutritional and sustainable sources of food - we must train every individual to be a global citizen.

Describe your experiences working collaboratively in a group setting.

An educator will always collaborate, and my enthusiasm for working in team settings for a positive cause is contagious. I have lead classroom and school wide studies and programs, written and implemented grant projects, facilitated workshops, and volunteered in wildlife sanctuaries and environmental organizations.

The Daily Groceries Co-op Board does not deal with operational matters. It does deal with overall policies that identify and guide the mission of the organization. How do you see the board maintaining and expanding on the broader vision for the Co-op?

I see the Board maintaining and expanding the Co-Ops vision by acquiring and analyzing feedback from members and individuals around the community, creating partnerships with companies dedicated to supporting environmentally sound food sources, and providing members and the Athens community with outreach programs such as Zero Waste workshops and leader speaking engagements.

How can Board members better represent the opinions of the membership and the larger Athens community? 

As someone new to the Athens community, I think the Board can represent the vision/mission of the broader Athens citizens by finding a proactive style of reaching the community and implementing sustainable changes that reflects our value for the planet.